All impressive details about MLB Tap Sports Baseball 2018


MLB Tap Sports Baseball 2018 is very popular game nowadays, which is presented by Glu for the android and IOS.  You can play against other players and computer. Graphics used by the Glu is also very good. In your free time, it is the best source to do fun. For play the baseball it’s important to know, how to swing the bat, by using the guide you can learn the way to play this. You can also choose your favorite players and favorite team to play. You should choose players of high ranking to make a strong team. First, learn to select the pitch which is suitable for your team or try to learn with the help of the computer.


How to hit the shot

If you want to hit the ball in right manner, you should tap on the screen at the right time to swing properly.

  • Perfect swing increases the chance to set the right direction of the ball.
  • Using the different techniques on different pitches is good.
  • Better pitches increase the speed of the ball, so try to swing slow to hit the ball.
  • It‘s easier to hit in the game then the real life.
  • With the single tap on the screen, you can change the angle of the hit.


The player can start their match by selecting their favorite team, to play the game.  You will get a bonus if your prediction goes right. It is very interesting part of the game that we can bring official MLB player on their team. If any player is your idle one, then you can take that player in your team easily. Try to boost your level with the help of events and tournaments.  If you are new and want to take the best player, check their ratings and know all about that player. MLB Tap Sports Baseball 2018 is the worth playing game ever.


Types of currency

Various types of currencies are available in the game, to upgrade your players.

  • Standard XP – it is also called (blue color) coin. It helps to increase the level of standard players. These types of players can play better than the normal players.
  • Prime XP – it is for the use of prime members and increases the chances to win mystery box. (Bronze coin) Is another name for it.
  • Legend XP – it is the coin of golden color, use of the coin is to increase the level for the legends.


The event will help you to earn the rewards so try to play the events more to open the packs of money you need.  You need all type of currencies to develop your level in the game so by trying Tap Sports Baseball Cheats.


In my opinion, if I am a game lover, I always use to play MLB Tap Sports Baseball 2018 because it can be helpful for reducing the stress level and increase the skills of playing baseball. It is the best game of Glu till now.