All the Possible Details Regarding Currency in Head Ball 2

In the digital time, various new games are daily updated, and one of the leading games is Head Ball 2. The game is based on football matches and in which we will see the 1V1 live matches. There are around 92 different characters for playing, and we can also join some real time leagues. 5 types of selective leagues are present for championships, and anyone can lead on the game by them. For smooth playing, we have to collect all the details about the game by going with The Head Ball 2 Review. The players have to understand each powerful things of the game and currency is important aspects of it.

Major currencies of the game

The game comes with two special currencies like coins and diamonds. The currency is most concerning part for the players. You can get high currency by going with live matches, and enough currency is used as a token of many leagues. Each player has to learn the basic uses of both currencies.


Coins are the prime currency of the game, and we can add them for leveling up. Numbers of coins are used for upgrading various things. The players can make the game easier to play by the use of such currency. We can customize various things for defeating the rival players.


Diamonds are also vital for many matches, and such currency shows your ranking in the game. It is used for unlocking purpose, and the high amount of it may be leading you on the game scoreboard. You can earn it more by active at different events.