Facts to know about Best scroll saw blades for hardwood


There are so many types of scroll saw blades in market today. A scroll saw is used to cut the woods in curves. It consists of a tough blade, chain, and toothed edge. A better choice should be there for the saw blades. There are a huge number of best scroll saw blades for thick wood available in the market.

Types of scroll saw blades

There are many choices for a person to install. Here, I am highlighting the main types and the environmental in which they are suitable.

·         Skip-tooth: In this type of scroll saw blade the next tooth is missing from every tooth. There are spaces between the teeth which helps it to remain cool while using. Skip-tooth is usually used in newbie scroller sawers.

·         Standard Tooth:  Skip-tooth blades and standard tooth are very much similar. In this the teeth are spread out and got identical sizes.  Metal blades and wood blades are main types. Wood blades have big teeth and have more spaces in between and with Metal blades there is lesser space and small teeth. They are little bit noisy.

·         Double tooth: These types of blades may cut slower but the cut made by them is very smooth. It has larger gullets in set of two teeth.

·         Reverse Skip-tooth: The reverse skip-tooth is derived from skip-tooth which we have discussed earlier. It will work best in a situation like where plywood is used and at the bottom of the cut tear-out splintering should be prevented.

While working with reverse skip-tooth one must take care that blade should be setup in a specific manner.

How to choose a Scroll Saw blade

Choosing the best scroll saw blades for hardwood will lead to various good things like smooth cut and safety of the person. Under this heading we are going to discuss the tips for choosing best scroll blade get more info in wiki.

The type of thing i.e. material which you are going to cut is the main thing which is considered. Many hardwoods are usually cut with the standard blades but some material requires specialty blades like Plexiglas. Some charts are there with the manufactures that shows the speed and thickness of each blade. You may get the correct blade with the help of these charts.

The smoothness of the cut is affected by the quality of the blade. Scroll blades are hard and stamped with steel blanks. The quality of the blade is affected by the steel used while stamping and the tempering process. Good quality of steel is used in high quality blades.  Thicker the wood then more high quality of blade is required. The blade with fewer teeth is used in case of thick wood.

 If the wood is thinner than its opposite study is used. Sometimes blade will heat up it’s because of sawdust which is not cleared out due to so many teeth. And it may lose control from the table.  For more control finer blades with intricate patterns is used. If there is bigger or longer curves they will increase the cutting speed.

Know more about Best scroll saw blades for hardwood

A new user of scroll saw should take a blade with maximum teeth and gauge is heavier. It is easy to control. Lower TPI blade will always be faster than the lower TPI. The thickness is indicated by the no. of blades in it. High no. of blade means the thick blade. Lower number blade will break easily as compare to higher number blade. By this u can put more pressure on a high number blade from lower number blade. While choosing a blade you should always choose an average blade considering its speed, thickness, smoothness.