How to Earn Coins and Gems in Merge Dragons?

Currency in every game plays a huge role, so as in Merge Dragons also. In Merge Dragons, in-game currency is present in 2 forms that are coins and gems. They simply have to earn more and more currency to perform all significant tasks in the game. The more currency they are having in Merge Dragons, the easier they make progress.

Now, the big question for all Merge Dragons players is how they earn currency? Well, there is an easy answer for the same question which is given below in some ways. All players should know these ways to earn a good amount of both coins and gems –

1.       By solving more puzzles – Users of Merge Dragons need to know that the best and fair method to earn coins with gems is by solving more puzzles in Merge Dragons.

2.       By finding quests and completing treasures – They also earn a big amount of currency and rewards by finding more quests and completing more treasures.

3.       Using hacks and cheats – gamers also have to know that they get merge dragons free gems by making the use of a suitable cheat or hack option.

These are the best ways to earn a good amount of in-game currency, and there are many other methods also present.


Finally, you have to make a proper deal with the ways which are mentioned above to add an efficient amount of coins and gems in your Merge Dragons account. The easiest ways among all to add currency is by ap-plying Merge Dragons gems cheats or currency cheats. The more you make use of cheats, and then enough amount of currency you get.