Merge dragons- A mysterious land of paradise

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Merge dragons game is published by gram games limited. The game is available for Android and IOS mobile user. Visual graphics used in this is outstanding quality and best resolutions ratio. This game is puzzle based game, and you can enjoy it in free time. In this game one mysterious land with a void of life, with the help of some magical power you can restore it. You can merge 500 objects and, some dragons.

The gameplay of the game

A land filled with some kinds of secrets. A land is barren and void of life. You will have some magical powers; these powers help you to restore this land with some objects.  Freely match objects and makes more efficient items. Discover some of the statues and makes beautiful land. Match some of the life essences and unlock some power so by trying Merge Dragons Cheats.

New dragon breeds

The game is filled with different types of dragon. In this, you can find new dragon breeds, and you can grow through this. You can also merge dragon eggs, treasures, stars, and various magical flowers along with dragons. Also, create some of the new things and magical powers.

Solve tricky puzzles

Puzzle solving is the best challenge for a player, and this is increasing your reasoning power. Everyone loves to complete the challenge.  In the game about 900 quests, they can test your puzzles solving skills. Some of the tricky approaches make it easy. By solving puzzles, you can earn some rewards.

Build a camp

On the creepy land, you need to build a big camp. Collect the eggs of dragons, and hatch them in the camp. By this, you can earn some ultimate powers for the next challenge. In the camp you should be aware of fog, you need to defend the camp with fog and another climate misshaping.

So you can start your journey of making, creepy to beautiful lands. and definitely, you love it